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Voluntary Synagogue Dues

Voluntary Synagogue Dues

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Voluntary High Holiday Donation


Why do most Synagogues require MANDATORY dues? 

Because the Program NEEDS your funding.


So how does Chabad only ask for VOLUNTARY dues?

Because we know you WANT to fund the Program.


Dear Friend,

Congratulations! The Jewish Year of 5776 has come to a close and thank G‑d we’re extremely pleased to report that your participation and support of Chabad has achieved incredible things for the men, women, children and entire families in the Greenwich Jewish community.
Here's a sample:
  • Alone in a new country and searching for a spiritual anchor in their sudden move to a new home, 4 recently arrived immigrant families have chosen to join Chabad - where they've found open arms and caring friends.
  • In their desire to bring the ethics and meaningfulness of Judaism into the overbearing environment of the workplace, three business offices - two in Greenwich and one in the city - have started "Boardroom Study" groups with Rabbi Deren.
  • In a town where the word "Lag Bomer" would have raised eyebrows 20 years ago, today the holiday celebrations are sell-out crowds - whether at the Public Menorah Lighting at the Y or the Ten Commandments Reading at the Arch Street Teen Center.
  • Over 270 boys and girls from Greenwich and surrounding towns enjoyed a fun-filled Jewish experience at Camp Gan - including over 2 dozen campers who were able to come thanks to YOUR gifts of support.
These are just a few anecdotal glimpses into the vibrant Jewish life that Chabad of Greenwich is known for - thanks to you!
Your decision to support and participate in Chabad is an excellent one - you are part of a transformation of this community, the best of which is yet to come. As we plan the year ahead, we want you to know how important you are to the success of everything that happens at Chabad. We thank you for what you've done, and we hope that we've earned your commitment for the future as well.
Please join us for the High Holidays, and bring along anyone you know who is interested in a Synagogue whose doors are open to all people regardless of Jewish background, religious affiliation or financial wherewithal. The annual crowd of 400+ strong standing around the Sanctuary as the loud blasts of the Shofar usher in the New Year, is an experience that you don't want to miss.
We look forward to seeing you - Shana Tova!

Rabbi Yossi Deren, Executive Director

Edward Sugar, President
SECTION I | Your Information
Last Name
First Name
SECTION II | Voluntary Synagogue Dues
All Dues can be made in one payment or in 10 monthly installments, Sep-June
Please select the option of your choice:
$2,500 ($250) Basic Family Contribution $18,000 ($1,800) Pillar
$3,600 ($360) Friend $25,000 ($2,500) Builder
$5,000 ($500) Supporter $36,000 ($3,600) Founder
$10,000 ($1,000) Investor Other
SECTION III | Sponsor a Program
SECTION IV | High Holiday Seat Reservations
Please indicate the amount of l adults and children attending High Holiday Services on Rosh Hashana: October 2-4, and Yom Kippur: October 11-12. Adults Children
SECTION V | Payment Authorization
Total Amount Pledged - Synagogue Dues
Total Amount Pledged - Sponsor a Program

I would like to make the following payments:
One-time payment for everything pledged above. Please charge my card now.
Charge the Voluntary Synagogue Dues monthly, over 10 months: Sep - Jun

Comments/Special Requests
Amount to be charged TODAY
[First recurring payment or one time amount]
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