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Sponsor a Kiddush

Sponsor a Kiddush


Dear Friends!

The weekly Kiddush luncheon is sponsored by members of the community for the benefit of all who attend Synagogue on Shabbat morning. A delicious and pleasant sit-down Lunch is a wonderful to mark an occasion that is special to you; occasions such as:

the Yahrtzeit of a family member (Click here to calculate when your loved one's Yahrtzeit will occur) • in memory of a beloved friend, as a traditional way of honoring them • your Birthday or the Birthday of a loved one • your Wedding Anniversary or the Wedding Anniversary of a loved one • any lifecycle event of yours or of a loved one, to express gratitude in honor of a special occasion (Graduation, a New Job, a "small" miracle), or just because.

You can choose from 4 variations of Kiddush Menus (each serves 50 people):

Standard Kiddush - $400
  Kiddush Wine and L'chaim • Challah • Cholent • Grilled or Poached Salmon with chef's choice of sauce or a Fish Terrine • Breaded Chicken Fingers or Chicken Poppers • 4 Salads (chef's choice - one carb, one vegetable and 2 leaf salads)
  Basic Kiddush plus: Israeli Meza Platter 
Deli Kiddush - $700
  Basic Kiddush plus: Deli Platter • Pickles and condiments • Sliced bread • Potato salad • Cole slaw
Bagels and Lox Kiddush - $1000
  Kiddush Wine and L'chaim • Challah • Beautifully decorated smoked fish platters including: Novia Scotia Lox, Filleted Jumbo Whitefish, Sable Plate • Tuna, Egg Salad and Whitefish Salad • Sliced red onions, cucumbers, and tomatoes • Sliced fresh cheese platters including: American, Cheddar, Muenster, Imported Swiss and Smoked • Assorted Pastries including:Cookies, brownies, rugelach, etc. • Assorted bagels, bialys, onion rolls, and mini croissants • Platters of flavored cream cheese and butter • Decoratively arranged fresh fruit platters

Scroll down and click on the weekends during the year that you would like to sponsor the Kiddush - and we'll reserve that special date just for you. May we always celebrate many happy occasions with each other for many years to come.
Select month below to see availability:
7th / 9 Tevet (Parashat Vayigash)      by Mr. Leon Gandelman in honor of the Yahrtzeit of son Jacob Gandelman, of blessed memory
14th / 16 Tevet (Parashat Vayechi) 
21st / 23 Tevet (Parashat Shemot)
 - Jonathan Osser in honor of the 50th anniversary of his bar mitzvah
28th / Rosh Chodesh Shevat (Parashat Vaera) 
 -  Abigail & Guy Levy in honor of their new son  and in honor of Gabriel, Arielle & Rebecca's birthdays! 
4th / 8 Shevat (Parashat Bo) 
 - Jan Weiss in honor of her 60th birthday
11th / 15 Shevat (Parashat Beshalach) - 
  Ann Levine & Vicky Markova

18th / 22 Shevat (Parashat Yitro) 
25th / 29 Shevat (Parashat Mishpatim)
*Shabbat Shekalim
4th / 6 Adar  (Parashat Teruma)   -  in honor of Lana Kurson's Bat Mitzvah
11th / 13 Adar (Paashat Tetzaveh)  - Eddie Sugar
18th / 20 Adar (Paashat Ki Tisa)  Selwyn Katz in honor of the yartziet of his father, Charles Godel Katz OBM & Liwen Yaacoby in honor of Eli's birthday
25th / 27 Adar (Parashat Vayakhel-Pekudei)
*Shabbat HaChodesh
 Ayelet Steinberg in honor of Liba's engagement
1st / 5 Nissan (Parashat Vayikra)
  Suzanne & Rubi Levy to celebrate the birth of their new grandson, Nathaniel Ronen Levy
8th / 12 Nissan (Parashat Tzav)
*Shabbat HaGadol
In honor of our friend and leader Maryashie and her family. On behalf of The Broide Family, The Jackson Family, The Rosen Family and The Ross Family.

15th / 19 Nissan (Passover)
22nd / 26 Nissan (Parashat Shmini)
29th /3 Iyar (Parashat Tazria-Metzora)
Roberta Rosen-Singh in memory of the 10th yahrtziet of her dear father,  William Rosen, OBM

6th / 10 Iyar (Paraashat Acharei Mot-Kedoshim)
    Deren & Akrongold Families in honor of Bentzi & Chani's big move to Greenwich.
13th / 17 Iyar (Parashat Emor) 
     Moshe and Esperanza Azoulay in honor of their loved parents

20th / 24 Iyar (Parashat Behar-Bechukotai)
  Joe Feuerstein 
27th / 2 Sivan (Parashat Bamidbar)
3rd / 9 Sivan (Parshat Naso)
10th / 16 Sivan (Parshat Behaalotecha)  
17th / 23 Sivan (Parshat Sh'lach)
24th / 30 Sivan (Parshat Korach)

1st / 7 Tammuz (Parshat Chukat)

8th / 14 Tammuz (Parshat Balak)
15th / 21 Tammuz (Parshat Pinchas) 
22nd / 28 Tammuz (Parshat Matot-Massei)
 By Jeff & Stacey Young

29th / 6 Av (Parshat Devarim)
*Shabbat Chazon
 By Rebecca & Jonathan Tipermas in honor of their sons Nathan and Jacob's birthday

5th / 13 Av (Parshat Va'etchanan)
*Shabbat Nachamu
 Mr. George Rohr and Family in honor of the Yahrtzeit of their esteemed and beloved father, Mr. Sami Rohr, of blessed memory.

12th / 20 Av (Parshat Eikev) 
19th / 27 Av (Parshat Re'eh)
26th / 4 Elul (Parshat Shoftim)
2rd / 11 Elul (Parshat Ki Teitzei)   - Karen & Martin Susskind in honor of their newest grandson, Asher Coby Cohen 
9th / 18 Elul (Parshat Ki Tavo)
 in honor of Nicolle Pechman's Bat Mitzvah
16th / 25 Elul (Parshat Nitzavim-Vayeilech)
*Leil Selichot
 - Serena Steinberg

23rd / 3 Tishrei (Parshat Ha'Azinu) 
*Shabbat Shuva
7th / 17 Tishrei (CH"M Sukko)

14th / 24 Tishrei (Parashat Bereshit)

21st / 1 Cheshvan (Parashat Noach)
28th / 8 Cheshvan (Parashat Lech-Lecha)
4th / 15 Cheshvan (Parashat Vayera)
11th / 22 Cheshvan (Parashat Chayei Sarah)

18th / 29 Cheshvan (Parashat Toldot)

25th / 7 Kislev (Parashat Vayetzei)
2nd / 14 Kislev (Parashat Vayishlach)
9th / 21 Kislev (Parashat Vayeshev)
16th / 28 Kislev (Parashat Miketz)
*Shabbat Chanukah 
23rd / 5 Tevet (Parashat Vayigash)
30th / 12 Tevet (Parashat Vayechi)
Includes food order and preparation.
Please add $50 if you would like to order a cake.

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